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A Simple way

Click the button above and you will be able to have a personalised eMail campaign for each of your new contacts.

 Asteroid Australia Pty Ltd. will make a personalised eMAILER CAMPAIGN for each of your contacts 

In order to ensure that you receive full bonus while your contacts are watching a WEBINAR,  please fill out the simple " FILL IN THE FORM" button above.  A PERSONALISED EMAIL CAMPAIGN WILL BEGIN SHORTLY AFTER YOU FILL IN THE FORM.

Our system will keep track of each and every contact you fill in.  

In other words, you will not miss any sales, and our algorithm will provide sales to you automatically.

There is NO EASIER WAY for you to contact others.  Asteroid has made this often daunting task simple, easy and elegant.

Asteroid wishes you great success as you explore the stars with us, with your family and your friends.

So, remember, as you contact someone,  provide us the information with this simple application.

Please take the time to fill out the form and the computer algorithm will match your ASTEROID REPLICATED WEBSITE to the specific email and location of your new customer or potential IBA downline distributor.

We want to "share the wealth".

Click the button  " FILL IN THE FORM"  above to ensure that you will be credited.

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